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It's still such early days on this kind of measurement. Glad you're factoring in the many factors that could be at play. Context plays a large role online.

@Valeria, you're right sentiment analysis isn't perfect but it is getting better by the day as more and more companies use semantic technologies to tease out the correct sentiment (similar to the way Google improved its search results). There's always a need for human analysis of the sentiment too.

I think there was probably a lag time effect. There are probably a lot of factors at play describing that counter intuitive trend including loyal fans talking about Toyota (as their fans on FB increased), members of the Toyota ecosystem coming to its defense as their business depends on it (dealers for example) and also people talking about the fixes. Needless to say, a very complex issue and an interesting conversation here.

It's very convenient for you to say you cannot be bothered to share your info. I respect opposing opinions, even when I don't agree.

Thank you for stating the same information now on three comments. For all we know, this is not even your real name :) Have a nice day.

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