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I've been reading bits and pieces in the news that say there are misfit floor mats and/or accelerators that stick. I don't know. I don't own a Toyota, though I would be unlikely now to consider one. I haven't paid close enough attention to know a lot of details.

Though in my mind, as dated as this will sound, the gold standard of how a brand should act both openly and with celerity in the face of potential product danger, is still the 1982 Tylenol incident where Johnson & Johnson did a massive recall of Tylenol.

Perhaps 1982 was a different world, and information spread far slower but the sluggish Toyota brand response will make customers trust them less.

Wow, it would be amazing if Mr. Peters was from Toyota.

I agree with your point Valeria on that clinging to a statistic is a lame excuse to try and push this matter to the side. Recalls are made almost every day and the main concern from companies is not to focus on the malfunction of a product but on getting out there immediately and shout: "Hey, sorry, we screwed up and we want to make it better." Openness. That's where Toyota failed.

See you again soon!

We agree to disagree. In my view, once the issues became public, the company missed an opportunity to enroll its loyal customers in understanding what was going on. Instead, they let the media run with the message.

Dear Raul, if your sister, or wife, or yourself had been impacted by the product, you would have not given a damn about the stats. Just saying. Period. You have a message to send, free to do that on your own blog. You've made your point, I've made mine. Thank you.

Now a question for you -- are you from Toyota? Because my welcome email to you bounced back [Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:]. It would make sense in view of the fact that your comments are really talking "at" me and not addressing the conversation.

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