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Love this idea and can really see the value in it Valeria. It does help that the guys behind it have such credibility that you instinctively 'know' there is value attached to it. Love the model you've come up with for client subscriptions, may look into this myself.


I joined a subscription based community back in 01-02. It was called Red Wings World and I believe it might still be around today if they had updated their content and fulfilled the promises they had. Now they got rid of it and it was shut down in 09.

I totally agree on everything you stated which is why I am totally sad the community is closed. The possibility for the Red Wings to have that much content from a paid community is priceless and everyone was an evangelist for the cause.

The Third Tribe I will join once I start working full time. I can't afford it right now. I am sure there is amazing content coming from everyone. I should have read my email when it was the lower price.

As a member of a paid community and member of free communities. I think there are advantages to both.

@Joe - Chris Brogan was the first person who mentioned that term. It reminded me of the years when I was working in a club and it stuck with me. It makes total sense to transfer online. Exclusivity does help with cutting down on those who are not committed to the network's success.

@Eric - the filter is important. Many of the people I love reading do just that for me: they filter the information, stay up to speed, give me their take on what's important.

@Trevor - thank you. Glad you're finding the content helpful. Trust matters and they built it by delivering value. See you in there ;)

@Lisa - so many smart and motivated people in there. Which is the other point. Unless you're motivated to participate (in the network and in life), you won't get much out of anything.

@Peter - Third Tribe makes me want to be even more motivated. Which is the point of hanging out with folks who make things happen. Glad you're finding the dialogue useful.

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