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You make a great case for quality subscription-based interaction. I was inspired to revisit the Third Tribe concept as a result of your ideas.

To the people that have made comments... it's refreshing to see the kind of conversations that happen here on Valeria's blog. I benefit from your reflections and additions. Thanks to you all!

I joined and so far, I'm lovin' it. Learning a lot, reading so much, and just having some fun.

With so many great minds in one "room," how can you go wrong.

Hi Valeria, love your work :)

Re: Third Tribe, I think there are a couple of reasons why this initiative will work -

1) Darren, Chris & Co have tremendous credibility as individuals...even more so collectively. And with credibility comes trust, an important factor when you're asking people to shell out money, particularly in the early days of a 'concept'.

2) The prospect of gaining valuable 'inside information' and getting ahead of the masses is quite a big selling point.

The thing with Third Tribe is the ease in which you can get out of it if required - simply hit a 'Cancel' button. The ease and simplicity in joining up and, if need be, cutting loose is important.

I joined yesterday and had a look at the forum and saw Darren had noted he'd copped a bit of flak for being involved in the project. Probably some people felt he was selling out, which is pretty unjust I would have thought.

Like you, I will be following the concept closely!

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