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@Leah - being grounded in or starting with what works allows you then to build upon it, instead of chasing people around. And there is also a time for every purpose; you may need to have different kinds of referrals and testimonials for different requests/uses.

@Paul - glad to be of service.

@Anne - there's some scratching each other's back going on, that is human nature though, not just online ;) Deliberate and thoughtful is hard to do. There's also those who've had the chance to see you at work, yet because they get asked by so many, pull back and recommend no one. I've recommended people who never even thanked me; and I don't recommend lightly. That's why I'm more and more cautious online and offline.

@Josh - ask them. Ask them to point you to exactly what they'd look at to hire someone. I'm used to thinking about reviews more in terms of books or products... good question.

@LargeFormatPrinting - wow, it would really be nice to be talking with a person/name vs. a company moniker. After all, social is about being human and not playing to search key terms.

Wow I had never thought about the difference between testimonials, recommendations and endorsements. You've really gotten me thinking about the type of expression I want my customers to express, and potential customers to hear.

I've never really though about the different levels of recorded, public endorsement, be it recommendation, testimonial, etc. It really has me wondering which ones can help me the most and which clients are apt to do which type.

Where do reviews fit into all of this? People privately recommend me on a regular basis but I'm always seeking to add to my review bucket (mostly Google). I guess a review has less of a positive connotation than a recommend or an endosement...

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