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There's also a cynical fatigue in the world of social media -- or at least I seem to have caught this virus, which causes me to apply a discounting factor to online recommendations.

A new client recently offered to recommend me on Linked In. I've seen some obvious recommendation trades by former associates, detailing skills and accomplishments that I hadn't seen (though I'm not all-seeing!). I had an interesting discussion with the client, thanked her, and said, "no thanks."

Not sure how to crack that one, though I do believe in -- and depend on -- the power of personal (offline) recommendations.

Your post reminded me that I need a refresh-session on the Pareto principle. Thanks Valeria!

I really like your point about understanding why people recommend you and your business. This kind of self analysis is not only necessarily in business but in life. When you know what's working you can focus your energy verses being all over the place.

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