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@Jeff - it's getting awfully noisy out there. I pay attention to 1/3 of the things I used to pick up on. Too much of it is recycling other people's content and push these days. It's not just companies, people don't want to do the work... even engaging in conversation is a chore. It' easier to just retweet or push content around :) Glad you found a viable way -- the high road and long run always pays off, sometimes later, yet it compounds.

@John - good thread here about Tweetdeck! Some days, no make that most days, I think it's by design. Push people around to waddle in the nitty gritty so we can control them. Please everyone is so busy benchmarking that in the end they all look and sound the same.

There are some hole-fixers that have become hammers, like Tweetdeck for example. Twitter left some huge holes because its whole philosophy was so simple. Tweetdeck and others grabbed the reins and created something even better. Now Tweetdeck is a monster in itself. Not so much with Facebook so far, but we'll see. I like the idea of finding new niches and new ways to connect the dots. You have to take the 10,000 foot view to see them, and most people spend their time mucking around on the ground.

Valeria, this is a great concept that I think is often overlooked in the land-grab that is social media. Many companies think in the hammer mindset of keep hitting them on the head and they will bend.

Dell's success has kind of put the green blinders on many company who don't want to take the time to building the communities and creating large holes and disconnects with the customer base.

I'd say that one way I can look to get better is to continue to cultivate the conversation and increase transparency and empathy.

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