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Social media can be an effective channel for agencies to communicate with their audience if done properly. Someone from the agency should monitor this and ensure that they provide fresh content on a regular basis to give followers more reasons to come back to them. They should maximize the use of social media by sharing ideas, interacting with people in the community, and building strong relationships.

@Jack - thank you for the link. If I were an agency today (I wrote a post a while back titled this way), I would be thinking about that role and what that means, in the same way Edward below here commented.

@Tom - it depends on what's comfortable for the marketer in charge on the client side. As I say in many of my conversations with agency people who get it, I have not been impressed by many agencies over the years. Managing multiple agencies on the brand or client side means holding lots of hands. To the agency types, you know it and I want to confirm it: having a strong account manager is key. In the absence of excellence in that role, the client ends up doing all the work and then it becomes easy to justify not having the agency in the first place. That is the real problem from where I sit, and the reason why programs end up being sub par.

@Edward - that, or something to that effect, is exactly what is needed. Curator and choreographer -- I fancy myself as having the ability to get and fill that role comfortably, and I have on multiple platforms. That's what conversation agent is all about :)

I speak about this very subject quite a bit. Ad agencies make messages. Digital agencies build platforms. But both of those are things that go between a brand and a customer. Conversation brings them close. But ad agencies don't get it and neither do many digital shops. PR is best suited to handling conversation. But that isn't enough either. To attract a community you often need a creative idea. To earn their interest, a digital platform may be essential. But then what? They'll leave if there's no conversation, or abandon the platform if it isn't totally essential to their lives. My prediction is that we will have (since we need them) entirely new roles, whether on the agency side or client side. Those roles? Curator and choreographer. Maybe the same person. The former aggregates the best of breed resources. The latter makes sure they are working together, not at odds. We're trying to do that at Mullen, but in some cases the world isn't totally ready. Though it will be soon.

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