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Hi Valeria,
Great post.

Some content promotes engagement and intimacy and some doesn't. I think that you are right that not having lots of comments does not mean that you are not creating intimacy maybe what you are creating is trust and that can be measured by people returning again and again.


I'm so confused.

Why is it that businesses need to care about the customer as an individual but customer need only care about what's in it for them?

How is that intimate or the basis of a mature relationship.

I think we show we care both as customers and sellers when we help each other to be our best. For example, when someone sells me a bad coffee, I'll tell them not because I had a bad experience but because their future might depend on knowing that.

The funny thing is that I go back not because there coffee has improved but because I have an emotional investment in the place. ( as too in this site). In fact I care less about how they make me feel, what makes me feel really good is that I care about someone else. In my view, this is the untapped well of corporate sustainability.

I guess what I'm saying is that great content can show you care about the customer but it will only lead to "intimacy" and the commercial benefit of it if you help your customers to care for you.

Ironically, the more we feed the customer's selfishness the more likely your business may be unsustainable. Or may be not.

By the way, how do we help you be your best?


I do the same with restaurants -- hospitality industry overall is high touch, as it should be. What if you don't have a chance to have direct contact with customers though? Can you write content that lets you know you care? I think you can (hence the post :)

We buy from people we like -- Geoffrey Gitomer. He knows a thing or two about sales.

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