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@Martin - making the time is what earns the attention. Indeed, it takes all kinds. I have seen enough of the "superior" kind, hence the inspiration for this post.

@Gail - how wonderful that you have the opportunity to work with Alan Siegel! It's a small world, isn't it? And we're all somehow connected.

@Adrienne - honestly, I think it comes from insecurity and lack of clarity about what you stand for. Simplicity is hard to do, and it shines an even brighter light of experience on the people who use it with ease. Thank you for sharing your take on communication and connection!

@Meg - terrifying, I love that. Indeed, we hope we won't be found wanting. Somehow, substance still equates with volume in many circles. "often people over-write because they under-think" money quote, right there.

@Jenn - my favorite poets are the Italians (I'm biased) and Rainer Maria Rilke, some Pablo Neruda, This Love by Prevert is one of the most amazing poems I ever read. Jargon = safety blanket. Connection = risk.

@Alessandra - as a fellow Italian, you do see your fair share of obfuscation and linguistic posing. One of the reasons why I fell in love with English is the incredible plasticity of this language, and it's immediacy. Courage is a rare quality these days...

@Mary - the subtext, yes. People feel they can hurl words at you and you will just lay there and defend yourself. Passive aggressive behavior is an unfortunate byproduct of a misaligned idea of what success is about. Self-awareness would imply you need to see yourself for what you are.

@Eric - maybe the secret is how deeply you feel what you want to convey.

@Shannon - so much of these online interactions are about checking the box on the relationship thing... one cannot touch someone without being touched (all figuratively speaking) in return. To many, that is scary. There's accountability in that.

@Narciso - ahem, I do have one of those PH thingies ;) What does people in is invariably how they think others should see them. We're all a bit guilty of that, yes?

@Davina - we can strive. I take so long to write because I edit, too. That part I've gotten better at thanks to my daily blog writing and all the content I produce at work. I actually love to learn how a business/industry works and finding ways to carry the meaning without the penalty jargon.

@Ann Marie - if you are so inclined, the Upon Trajan's Column post linked here talks just about that.

Thank you for your post. I think we have lost the passion of language and it has become sterile. Has 140 characters caused this?

Valeria, Nice post. Brevity is the soul of wit for good reason. One of the hardest things to do is write smarter, sharper, clearer using fewer words and straight-forward language.

Writing, communication, conversation.. making it simple means making it relatable. That's what fosters connections, relationships. FWIW.

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