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Valeria, I think that it is definitely more difficult for defining a clear strategy when it comes to participating in social media. However, there are great sites like that integrates with LinkedIn, so that B2B marketers and sales reps can use social selling to make warmer sales calls. Try the free trial and connect to 32+ million companies with in-depth profiles.

Glad I bumped into your post, I've been wondering about that lately. The responses you post gave me an idea whether or not to outsource social media, or is it applicable to everyone regardless of industry or profession. For me it's a very sensitive part of branding, you build credibility and outsourcing it might break or make you. I'm not an expert on this matter it's a personal opinion that's why I need post like this to support my opinion on whether or not to outsource social media. Many thanks to you.

Just like human relations there is no way pinpoint any one system or method that works best. Ultimately, it comes down to the people involved at the ground level. 1st and foremost the individual hitting the keys on the keyboard and their ability to translate the given context of the message; 2nd and almost as important is company representative verbalizing the stance and direction to the Social Media folks. These two people can make or break any SMO campaign. Of course let's not forget direction, organizations are often so intent on 'getting the word out' that their focus gets lost within the ocean of social media. Aiming your time and resources toward a few [target audience] well traveled SMO's rather than hitting every single last one will will net proven success. Often over looked and undervalued aspect of a social media campaign is data management; the software we run can determine how productive a campaign managers day might be. Bottom line: Get the good stuff and learn to maximize it.

Eric B. Estes
Market Research Analyst
Clearwater Technical Group Inc.

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