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@Rick - putting a human face to any business works. Thank you for stopping by.

@Deirdre - admittedly, there are several nuances in this post. Indeed, most demi-gods of product marketing see public relations and publicity and treat it that way. It's amazing the level of education still needed for this profession to break away from propaganda.

@Zachary - emotional investment comes at a cost, especially in these liquid times. Companies moved away sharply from commitment to employees at a time when they need to have relationships with them in order to reengage with customers. That's why I ended the post with the note about trying to control the very people who've become the message with social media.

@Elizabeth - these media have been disruptive to all industries. What's interesting to me is that young professionals experience disconnects as well, just not the same one more seasoned ones do.

Hi Valeria:

A timely post, as usual. The privacy battle is a tough one. It's even tougher when you are trying to teach younger folks how to "walk the line." Many are coming of age without a recognition of what has changed - and what shouldn't.

The 5 bullets you list above might present very differently to a 40 year old vs. a 25 year old. We need to work together as an industry to develop a framework that feels right for everyone.

Hope your weekend was good...

Lots of truths in your post, especially the point that in order for new media professionals to be successful they'll need to be emotionally invested in the company, the product or brand that they have signed on to help. Also, the fact that new media requires one to be fast on your feet, responding to crises as they occur, which can mean middle of the night, or during moments when you are supposed to be working on other clients.
We don't get to control when and where the work goes down anymore.

Thanks for the post, i've retweeted as well

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