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@Zoey - I could do without ever seeing a Blackberry again. They're actually annoying devices that cannot do what the iPhone can do :) Coming from Europe, which admittedly is set up much better for public transport, I could do without car... there.

@Peggy - yes, it can. In fact, it's much better if you don't drive yourself to the ER when you're not feeling well, like I did. If you lived in Europe you would hardly miss it for months. US cities and suburbs are just not set up well... and that may have to change. I agree the choices are just not there now.

Can a cell phone get us to a hospital or a doctor appointment? I pick face to face contact and communication and real hugs, and for that I need a car.

Whether I'm living in suburbia or a rural area, I often have to travel 3 to 5 miles or more to get where I want or need to go: church, cafes, park, concerts, plays, doctor or dentist appointments,library, museum, grocery store, shopping mall, home improvement center or a family member's home.

Walking or bicycling that distance takes time and can be hazardous, uncomfortable, or impossible, especially in windy, cold,or rainy weather. Bus lines may not even run except at rush hour and don't take you where you want to go. Taxis charge $20 for a 5 mile trip,each way, in our area. Rapid transit is great if you have a car or friend who is going near a station.

Do I want to give up my cell phone? No, but it is cheaper to replace than a car. It's a great way to keep in contact when we can't be there in person.

Personally, I would ditch my phone any day. But I have a BlackBerry, not an iPhone...I understand iPhone users are nearly inseparable from their gadget. On the other hand, wanting to be green and eco-friendly, wouldn't it be great to give up the car? Interesting to see people's reactions!

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