Conversation Agent - Valeria Maltoni - Ning and Customer Betrayal

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Why would or how could anyone trust NING after the way this was handled. I'm sure other free sites are watching to see what happens.

EVERYONE walk away. Let's set a presendence or we'll soon be paying for everything on the internet.

I could see .10 to search if this pay for use trend keeps up.

You know what Valeria? I looked at this in 2007- 08 and the thing I didn't like about it is that it was "too easy" I refrained from building a network there because of it.

The dangerous thing is WHAT IF Twitter and others are looking at that model?

Hey stick to your site and build your list people it is about to get expensive in the future.

@Mike - hope the post is a good example of how you need to thin about scaling your business. It's a bad idea to make a promise than go back on it without giving people who have invested in the tool a way to know what's gonna happen to their content.

@Dan - competition is good. It keeps the sharks at bay. Hope you find a workable solution. What bites is the time investment to move, if you have to.

@Bruce - agreed that free is not sustainable. In Ning's case it sounds like it was a good pipeline to paid and they could have looked into making the transition to paid smoother by providing value over time instead of turning a switch. People are funny that way, they dislike when you pin them against a wall and hold their content hostage.

@Syamant - thank you for bringing up an angle I had not considered and for the link. I far there will be many a disappointment for content creators who have built on public platforms in the coming year. Always best to build your own base as soon as you can.

@espeterson - good communication skills have saved many a difficult conversation. They help with results.

@Shana - always a good idea to have a back up plan. Interesting idea for a group. One thing that continues to amaze me is the resourcefulness and passion of creators. They can take the tool away, hopefully they won't kill the desire to connect and build.

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