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It’s ironic that there are so many rules of engagement for such a fluid environment as social media.

I'm not a fan of the title of this blog, 4 Reasons PR Agencies Are Failing in Social Media, as it seems a bit harsh when everyone is essentially adapting and progressing with the ever-changing online trends, expectations and overall platforms. So while some may think their ways are foolproof, tomorrow the whole environment changes, and back to the drawing board to build upon existing knowledge.

And aside from blatant spamming, I don’t discourage pitching anyone unless they request not to be contacted. I don’t think bloggers are all that different than media either in terms of being human and responding to recognition, ingenuity, humour and a fitting story in general.

No matter who I’m pitching, I'm not comfortable hiding the fact that I have a story that may be of interest; and why pretend I’m just saying hello only to pitch later, unless I am purely introducing myself at that stage. Better to state upfront who you are and be transparent about your thoughts and intentions then break out the agenda later IMO.

PR agencies are constantly taking on new clients and will therefore be new to any given online community or endeavour. That doesn’t mean they are any less adept at understanding the business and how to best connect with customers and other stakeholders through social or traditional media.

Through research and by being a creative and strong communicator in all mediums, my money’s on PR for the People.

Valeria, hopefully my comment didn't come across as critical of this post - I think there's great discussion going on here. I meant to point out that we all see the world through our own lens, and Jason's post is from a pro-PR viewpoint (while this one is less so). We're in complete agreement that the PR pros who are fully engaged in social media are a subset of the profession as a whole (sad but true).

Don't hire mercenaries to defend the fortress when you can build your own army. Yes, social media is best handled in-house.

On the subject of PR agencies, as social media becomes more integrated with other marketing disciplines, the ability to create and develop content, place media, and buy it becomes more important.

PR firms haven't acquired this capability, which is already baked into what most ad and digital agencies do.

Will PR Agencies go away? As we know them, yes. PR gets to lead marketing because of its baked-in credibility. But they must do more than consult on the messaging component.

PR's role in social media is rapidly becoming a case of, "We can do anything except everything else."

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