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You know, the tile of this post is factual, not judgmental. And so is the post, and honest. Yet, I cannot help but think your comment is quite judgmental.

Fact: I link to a ton of posts and articles on most posts.

Fact: I feature people who take the time to participate in the community. Some of them don't even have blogs.

Some posts you may have missed (since you talk about using influence): [feel free to get to know all the folks linked here]

Good hearing from you.

Okay Valeria, I'll take your bait and suggest there might be another way to view this topic. Rather than aim upward toward these "top" blogs, hoping for *their* attention, why not choose to seek out brilliant and lesser known bloggers who could surely use the attention. You have well over 13k readers - why not use your power to share and expand your community?

No offense to you and the folks to whom you're trying to get attention, but let's be honest: not one of them is hurting for visibility.

Knowing you, I know its not your intent to perpetuate the elitist, "cool kid" perception of social media celebrity, but from an outsider's perspective it's how I read this post.

@Peter - I'd see practice also as being expansive, thinking connectively. Another way of saying I don't wish to be controversial is I care about the people, even when there's evidence that they don't. Then again, some discussions are not worth the energy they take out of you :) Interesting thought about linking and tribal behavior.

@Jon - glad you enjoyed.

@Kipp - good of you to visit. I confess you are my most frequent/most topical read on Hubspot. Thank you for the invite to write. My challenge is often one of me, lots of projects...

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