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Keep in mind that content strategy isn’t limited to original material and in-house writers. Curating existing content around your company or brand’s theme and working it into your blog can be just as (if not more!) useful.

I get the feeling this one of your more personal posts, Valeria. It has an urgent cadence to it. After this, and some of your other posts, no one should doubt your sincerity!

I'd like to say more, but I'm not sure I should.

You go girl! :-)

Carolyn Ann

@Ujwal - as long as you balance number of contributors per blog. Especially when you're starting out, you need to break through and find an audience. So, yes, having a distinct voice helps a lot, as longs as it's not a full Jazz band off the bat, or people won't know who to follow and when to come back. Introducing new people and elements gradually is a good way to build that initial readership. Hardest part is to start, convince a subject matter expert that it will be a good investment of their time. Second hardest is to help them sustain the blog over the 6-8 month hump. Everyone's still too used to campaign thinking -- beginning, middle, and end. The blog readership is just getting warmed when you're about ready to give up.

@DW - love the technical expert blogs. Some are sheer genius, explaining and teaching stuff they're passionate about. I'd like marketing to move away from secretary pool work whenever possible :)

@Gordon - speak to your customers in the language they use. No sense in using corporate jargon or marketing fluff. Yes.

@Yann - I'm partial to blogs myself. Especially useful for longer sales cycles that an use information and education. A good idea is to invite partners and customers to participate as guest bloggers, through interviews. Any company with a Web site is a media company, some get that refreshing the content often with useful information and being interactive is a better way to engage both search and people.

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