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I've never personally used sentiment analysis tools. I've read and talked to people many times about their inaccuracy. What do you think about them? Have you used them?

@Olivier - you did get Marshall and myself to write about it. I'm also fascinated by the fact that we continue to look at tools to tell us about nuances in a conversation we would pick up only if we participated...

@John - indeed! The issue with organizations and metrics is that they can lead to a false sense of security. Can one really participate in social media like they do the rest of marketing, by checking the box?

@Marshall - agree that analysis needs to be based on business KPIs. Know what you measure and why. We have way too much data that is gathered just for the sake of gathering it without a specific goal behind it, nor a commitment to a change in behavior because of the insights you gather from it.

@Peter - thank you for the kind words. I have no choice, I think connectively and do believe it is the responsibility of the person or company initiating the conversation to facilitate it and curate the content wherever it's easiest for people to join. Having said that, I agree on providing a central resource people can refer to. And yes, things are moving fast.

@Patsi - thank you for your kind words. Passion for writing.

@Gianandrea - great question "how do they figure out which question warrants a response"?

Sorry, I can't but quote Adam's comment: they made you and Marshall talk about the service. Anyway: how do they calculate that a Tweet is worth an answer or not? This I'm curious about the most.

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