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Valeria, congratulations on your Top 42 Content Marketing Blog award. I always love your posts and learn a lot from you. Blog on!

I'd guess the main aim of this was to get you and Marshall blogging about it, so from that perspective it worked well! :)

A couple of thoughts to add to your excellent post and insightful comments.

1. Quality always matters most in my view. How can any human be intimate and have meaningful conversations with a sphere of thousands (big companies, maybe?... a must if they have a dedicated, talented staff)? Choose wisely for your scale and time, and let go of conversations that are not adding to your life. Kudos for the integrity and candid honesty you consistently inspire through all your media channels. You are a model for how I am trying to approach social media.

2. Blogs for deeper discussions, Twitter for connecting and stimulating dialog. Your #kaizen blog is fabulous. I get a lot out of it each time I'm able to participate and make new discoveries that add to my creative work. More important to me, is what happens here, on your blog. It's a place where your ideas are explored and discussed in more depth. Connecting the conversations between Twitter, blogs, websites, YouTube et al, is key. This is where strategy comes in big time. Being alert to what tool appropriate for what you're trying to accomplish, and how the other tools can work together to help support the idea and discussion, is much more important than metrics alone.

3. Balance. Things are moving so fast, it's a challenge for anyone to keep up with the flow vital information and new ideas. Actively working on engaging in the right mix of media, adapting to change, and adopting new tools in ways that make sense for you and/or your brand — before you spend valuable time — helps keep things real.

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