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Sorry forgot the link. The book suggested above can be bought from http://www.uread.com/book/good-great-jim-collins/9780712676090. I bought it at a huge discount, don't know if you would be as lucky or not.

The legendary business and management strategist Peter Drucker has said the book Good to Great by Jim Collins , does not encourage mediocrity, rather it encourages competence to become excellence. And critical thinking does not come with mediocrity, it only comes with competence.

Late as always,

Thought I'd share something I wrote on this topic yesterday ( by spooky accident):

"It is difficult to imagine a world in which we could not hear or see all at once. A world in which notes or things could only be heard or seen one at a time. It would be impossible to navigate a place in which all things appeared in isolation of each other.

How then is it that we do not think all at once?"

For me, critical thinking is a process by which concepts and ideas are brought together through conversation into a single view in which patterns, relationships and things that don't fit can be imagined.

To go back to Aristotle (again) the "Soul never thinks without a picture".

The thing about the web ( and the google ontology) is that we no longer feel the need to think all at once, comfortable searching around for one result at a time. Our faith placed entirely in algorithms to make those connections, see those relationships and tell us what doesn't fit.

But the clues by which google arranges all the objects of knowledge are not based on the exercise of the characteristics of critical thinking, but on popularity, manipulation and greed.

Hope the chat went well ( for all our sakes).


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