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Just completed our 3 day conference where Cialdini spoke along with a host of other great folks, the twitter hashtag is #lsbbu and we have a Brandworks University Facebook page.
Cialdini really focused on reciprocation and authority in this time of uncertainty. His basic message for reciprocation was: Be the first to give: Service, Information, Concessions. It was really about shifting to be authentically helpful to people/customers and any audience. And in order for that to matter, one needed the authority of a position. Interestingly, professionalism, credentials, and industry knowledge were important, but admitting weaknesses first was even more important to establishing credibility. Thanks again for the comment back.
Tom Kuplic

Blimey I've just written something similar in my new eBook and used Cialdini's model too. Great minds think alike? I like the reciprocation angle. I think its why Twitter works so well.

As people whether customers or employees we have become sophisticated in our desires. As the stable rules of the past change radically and it becomes more difficult to predict and control, the need for people that can influence with authentic, genuine flare providing certainty, direction and insight is likely to increase.

The three points in your post are great pointers in the right direction for any company/person to adopt in becoming an influencer but also in leading your own influencers too.

@Scott - I didn't and now made a note to look for his work. Thank you. We need more leaders overall, probably of the servant kind. Not the King kind of attitude. I like how to tie this back to values. There are values in PR: ethics, corporate culture, core values, brands. Relationships, after all, are formed around values.

@Lateef- and not in a keeping score kind of way, I find. Thank you for stopping by.

@Tom - do let me know. This is a fabulous coincidence. I think it goes back to values, should have included that in the post. Here's for example IBM's value system: “We call it the IBM System Brand. Picture a framework with five columns. From left to right the columns are labeled what it means to look like IBM, to sound like IBM, to think like IBM, to perform like IBM and ultimately to be IBM” Each instrument, like for example social media, allows for values to be demonstrated in different ways.

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