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@Danny - organizations should become customer-friendly. Especially when large, companies structures are built so that the person everyone is trying to make happy is the boss... Organizations should also break down internal silos and use collaboration to get stuff done that helps the customer. Indeed, we shall see. The biggest challenge is that in many markets, some of these companies run a monopoly and there are no other choices.

@John - I've also heard of companies that sue people who write about their experience in negative terms. Resorting to legal is a no win proposition. People may stop talking about you negatively, they'll also stop talking about you altogether and do their business elsewhere.

I totally agree with you Valeria. Companies receiving negative reviews and comments are tempted to "deal with it" by masking or hiding the search engine results for those comments or inciting a "flame war" against the commenter. None of that makes any sense and will only make you look guilty of whatever complaint was voiced. You're better off engaging the commenter, asking how you can correct the situation, request a direct conversation offline, etc. Negativity only breeds more negativity.

This is such a timely post for me, Valeria.

I'm currently having the mother of all crappy service issues with my local wireless provider. I don't usually get angry (I've worked on the front line of customer service, so I know how crabby we can get), but this company is severely taking the proverbial.

I actually know the Head of Social Media at the company, and I'm almost - almost - tempted to take this online.

But then I ask myself, is this the right approach? Does the head of one department have a say in how the other is run? Should they?

Not sure on the right answer. In the meantime, I'm awaiting a phone call this afternoon to resolve my issue (more than one week later).

We'll see how that pans out... ;-)

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