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@Gabriella - interestingly enough, that statement comes from some qualitative research I've done: people have confessed. Also, you're a woman and women tend to be more collaborative than competitive (Queen bees are the exception). And there is a dark side in every situation.

@Patrick - that's it. The measure of engagement depends on setting expectations and developing relationships. I could write the same post someone else writes (not on purpose) and we would each get exposure commensurate with the level of engagement we developed with our respective communities.

@Ricardo - I just love finding great content and sharing it. One of the reasons why I started reading again over breakfast every morning and when I have time is that I want to participate in the creation of others more and books are a better format for that.

@Allen - someone in the know like you has an advantage with that.

I found posting live updates just as you said News is the most likely to be re-tweeted!

Re: "I think that when you're consistently helpful and stay curious and interested in the information you share and the people with whom you share, you will become a credible source of good content."

I agree! And it makes it easier for people to share your stuff (a lot easier). If on the other hand you're nothing but self-promotional in your distribution of content, it gets old.

David Meerman Scott says (In World Wide Rave I believe), don't talk about your products, people could care less. Instead, write about things that are of interest to your audience.

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