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@Connie - many feel your pain, I think. After giving up long distance with AT&T at home, and discontinuing the calling cards when the taxes got ridiculously high for the value, I thought I was not going to be with AT&T anymore. In fact, I was a happy Cingular customer... then AT&T bought them! In the horror and shock the one benefit was that I could buy an iPhone. Apple will open up to other carriers. The only issue I have with others is that they don't have international compatibility/networks. Then again, I could buy a phone in Europe and pay as I go when I'm there -- simpler.

@Anne - it's unfortunate that there would be a culture that discourages ownership of the customer issue until it's resolved at a company that should call itself lucky to have such a large customer base. Your story saddens me for the missed opportunity by AT&T. There are unconfirmed rumors that Apple might be looking to offer the iPhone through Verizon. It's no consolation to me since I've had poor experiences with Verizon. Many have found them to be more customer-friendly.

AT&T has done some pretty dicey things in the past. I needed to buy a new SIM card, but there was no AT&T store within an hour of me. So after talking to an AT&T representative, she assured me that Best Buy would supply me with a reasonably priced SIM card, $5 - $10 at the most.

So I, desperate for a working iPhone, went and purchased a SIM for $30. Best Buy said AT&T would reimburse because they provide SIMs for free. Alas, no deal. AT&T told me I was out of luck.

All in all I still had a phone that did not work, and went to the Apple store for another phone altogether. I told them my story and suprisingly, Apple took $30 off the purchase of a refurbished iPhone, despite the fact that SIMs are not their responsibility.

AT&T dropped the ball, and Apple came through for me. If I could have my wonderful iPhone without the AT&T service, it would be wonderful.

A very timely post for me, Valeria ...

I held off buying an iPhone for a year because of Apple's exclusive deal with AT&T. I'm an Apple fangirl of longstanding, but have hated AT&T for decades. The only customer service call that ever left me in tears was with AT&T -- and you can't even describe that as customer service. I could write BOOKS about my incredibly poor customer experience with AT&T. I have nothing good to say about AT&T and seriously doubt I ever will.

Fast forward and now I've been putting off ditching my iPhone. I'm thinking of buying an iPad w/ wifi for Web surfing and switching to another phone carrier. That grieves me, because other than the lousy signal and dropped calls, I love the iPhone.

Oh, Apple. How could you have betrayed me so?

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