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Hi Tim,

Agree, the whole point of life is to say something appropriate ( old buddhist saying - I think).

But that's not what Seth is saying- he literally demonizes resistance as a concept and elevate action to a virtue. The interesting thing is that we don't tend to exercise restraint when it comes to virtues - the sure path to failure as you say.

But Valeria's point is not Seths. As she once pointed out to me the lie is often in the question - Seth makes this point well.

At the risk of losing you again, lost is not a bad place to be.


Valeria: Italians get discouraged? ;)

Peter: You lost me half way thru, but I understand your point. I think what's important with Seth's (and anyone for that matter) ideas is that you know when to apply them. Painting everything with the same broad brush is a sure path to failure, but that doesn't necessarily diminish the message.

That bald guy Clever (yes) Smart (maybe) Wise ( I have my doubts).

Just because something is obvious doesn't mean it's true. Failure in business is as much attributed to action as inaction (resistance).

What we need to fight against is not "resistance" but poor judgement ( to which you speak).

The notion of "fighting" resistance re-enforces poor judgement by giving "action" moral superiority in the conceptual battle between these two primary forces of direction.

But this is no co-incidence- change sells. As you know there ia a whole industry of consultants, experts and writer who have what can only be described as religious faith in "change". You know the high priests.

The curious thing is that the "change" industry has become a form of resistance. An obstacle that directs business leader's to think about how thing's "come to be" in a peverse kind of way.

Personally I think the bias to change is motivated by a profound disassociation with the ways things happen in nature or otherwise a shameful exploitation of people's fears.

But this is not your point. Yours is to focus on all the elements that have to be aligned of stuff to happen or not happen as the case may be - to practice mindfulness and then critical thought. This is at the heart of judgement.

Otherwise, its like planting a seed and not noticing there is snow on the ground.

Always a pleasure to drop by ( though a little earlier today).


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