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Use the principles of the greatest pickup line ever:


@Eric - the challenge for marketers with the fragmentation of media is scale. It's hard to justify building a platform, which takes time, when they've got to show results this quarter. That's why advertising is not going away, it's just changing in mature. You still need a mechanism to drive attention to a place, to them build audience, etc. This blog is almost four years old and 1,200+ posts. It has standing power because of the work.

@Joey - "the James Joyce of the Internet community" I love that! Yeah, for a Liberal Arts major like me, for whom English is a second language learned on Shakespeare, Chaucer, and the lot, writing simply takes practice, writing a lot, and editing down. I'm saving your questions for reference. Thank you.

@Don - indeed, the more detailed we can make our appeal for the attention of a specific person or group we want to attract, the better. My first true affiliate post was a disaster, so yes, writing well and writing well with a value prop that sells are two different things. Words of wisdom on sales getting the credit. Even poets and artists whose word endure through time mostly barely made a living.

@Lisa - good observation. Yes, companies behave like lions anxious to get the mouse and be done with it. There's no patience for curation, yet. As there is little appreciation for writing that sells. Maybe because may projects start with good intentions and end up as the product of a committee, each putting in a word or two, until the copy is so filled with them that it says nothing by trying to say it all.

@Glenn - thank you. Did you read the expanded edition? When I interviewed Doc Searls, he talked about it.

On point, as always! :)

You know, I think everybody needs to just sit back and read the cluetrain manifesto.

It's easy to over-intellectualize all this stuff. Really, it's just time to give real people really good content - like they've, like we've always deserved.

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