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If a CMO asked me "What's so great about this blogging thing," I'd want him to remember the day a complete stranger mercilessly browbeat him in an elevator.

Well, only if he was all smug about it. If he was genuinely curious, I'd probably offer to buy lunch or coffee and blow his mind with a refresher course on socializing and common sense.

I don't like elevator pitches so much. There's little room for a proper windup. Much more invigorating to take the stairs.

@DannyBrown, Snerk. Shortest thing I think I've ever read by @BrianSolis, though he makes a good point about the elevator or escalator pitch.

@JeremyMeyers Listening post, so true. The blog is that opportunity to tell your story, the ones people want to read, hear and share. You don't have to wait for a press release to be picked up. Plus you'll get their feedback and input, learn what they think of you, how they use your products and services.

Back to Brian's comment: Say you got a fish on the line with the short elevator pitch? The blog is your longer escalator pitch, it's how you reel 'em in. FWIW.

Jeremy Meyers makes an important point that may be assumed: a blog lets you listen to your audience and get immediate feedback on your ideas or any services or products you offer.

Silence may not indicate that you have no readers, but it can tell you that those readers are not truly engaged. It's a great motivator to work harder and better at what you do.

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