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The Influence Project *could* have been something with true meaning. However, it's eroded into something meaningless as people pimp out URLs to get clicked on. I'm seeing many people tricking people into clicking on their link. How does that measure influence in any shape or form?

Valeria - I listened to about 40 minutes of audio tweets yesterday, and didn't have a revelation. What I think might be going on here is social media entering a phase akin to adolescence.

When you're between 12-17, you're changing every moment. Factors out of your control seize you and bring about emotions, feelings, thoughts. You're gradually (typically) increasingly obsessed with your friends and seeking to understand yourself as a separate individual, rather than someone's daughter or son.

The question of individual and collective influence -- how to measure it, how to even understand it in the social media sense -- is critical to understanding social media impact on value.

True to form, we all want a simple formula, akin to marketing's "give me 30,000 impressions and I'll give you X qualified leads and Y sales.

For a little while, the question was about measuring reach. Now, it's about influence as an output of quality.

There are far too many crappy measurement tools in social media; they're based on conjecture or outright BS. If we can better understand the path to increased influence, we can measure it, somehow, but not (as @RichBecker says) online, isolated from all other inputs to influence.



I am The Influence Project isn't even a popularity contest, imo. It's a url pimping contest. So unless there is a gag at the end of the contest, it's pretty much worthless beyond damaging the publication's credibility. And, even if they offer up a ha ha at the end of it all, some of it, they will never get back.

Influence cannot be measured online, exclusively. It's impossible.


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