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@Peter - thank you for noticing. My quest for liberating us to have our own thoughts is often met by resistance -- much easier to go with the flow and the Masters of the Obvious (I can feel a wake-up post forming :). We're all the richer for welcoming diversity and depth of thought.

@Jason - having had direct experience with teaching babies, I know that's a great place to start. I'm never afraid that someone is going to jump out of a dark alley at night and say something incredibly smart. Ignorance, however, is not synonymous with lack of instruction... it's more of an attitude, often of entitlement. And its truly scary. Literacy is indeed broader than just acquiring the skills, it's about developing a mindset and approach to lifelong learning. Thank you for sharing this resource with us.

Very thankful that you would broach the subject of literacy. I see literacy as a much larger issue. I actually serve on the Board of Directors of the National Center for Family Literacy. Literacy to us is not just about reading, it's about life skills ... math, technology, parenting and more. Yes, reading is FUNdamental, to borrow a line, but you would be amazed at the number of people - children and adults - who lack the basic life literacy skills to raise children to compete in today's environment.

Yes, we should focus on teaching literacy as you have outlined it here and YES YES YES, social media is making strides in funneling people toward the need to read. But there is so much more we can use social media for.

I would encourage you, Valeria, and anyone interested, to consider NCFL ( and its multi-generational and family literacy approach. But also thank you for putting this out there for people to chew on.

whisper... happy birthday.

To your point, social media in general I believe has helped encourage people to write more often than they would otherwise. Letters were at one time (most often beautifully written with care by hand), were a highly respected form of communication. Blogs in many ways I think have re-kindled people's desire to write and share. Sites like yours, take it to another level -- inspiring people to converse, share and learn. More people are likely becoming more literate as result.

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