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I'm wondering what "future history" might be? ;)

And could we please add the hyphen between "kick" and "ass"? Why would anyone want to kick some ass product, anyway? And "ass service" just sounds...dirty ;)

(the preceding bought to you by the Punctuation Matters School of Thought)

In all seriousness, these are good points...but I'd argue that service and product excellence are so important yet so different that they demand their own, separate points. Too, the way to connect with customers is to know your customers--and the way to know your customers is to observe real customers doing real stuff; not focus groups, not surveys, but actually doing stuff that matters to _them_.

THose are all valuable tips, but the problem with bigger companies is that they don't care about their customers.
They only care about profit, and when they hear that grrreat customer service means better business, they do it because of the Benjamins. Only (very) small businesses truly care about their customers, because they actually want to improve people's lives.

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