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@Eugene - indeed, you will see that the perception follows the topical content I share and discuss.

@Sue Ann - I'm trying to understand where in the post I suggested that content is unidimensional and not people-driven. People are what makes the content interesting and unique. I even named the other lists that have high follower count. Here's what I wrote "in the most altruistic and more clearly content-driven categories." Tags are somewhat helpful, if people use them correctly. However, what I noticed when I research a topic, I tend to rely on the manual curation by people on that topic, which is definitely subjective. As well, to break through, people also usually elevate one thing they want to be known for above the rest. I'm quite experienced in that department, as lots of horizontal hands-on knowledge and work vs. specialization have held me in place. Content drives relationships -- online and off line. Thought it would be interesting to explore the question. Perhaps I'm reading more than you intended in the tone of the comment. I seem to detect an edge...

I'm wondering about your assumption that people following the #kaizenblog list are more interested in a topical list versus a people-centered list. I'm sure that most people that follow that list are people that also participate regularly in the chat and are looking to stay connected with those folks in a manageable way. Most of the twitter lists that I've followed -- even for brief times -- have been because a) I didn't want to automatically follow all those people b) I wanted to stay connected with the people.

To me, things like hashtags are better ways to follow topics. But, that's also because I see people as multi-dimensional. Someone may follow me because I talk a lot about international sports, but I also talk a bunch about social media, journalism, PR, community management, design, wordpress, etc. If you're only following me because of one topic, than why is there a person behind the keyboard?

Another interesting use of Twitter lists is to look at how a user is perceived by others who added her to their lists:

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