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@DannyBrown - Click on "refresh my Klout score" on the bottom when you log into your Klout profile, and that might fix that.

@Valeria - First off, congrats on being a celebrity! Wow!

My Klout score is 57. Apparently I am a specialist, which kind of does describe the way I use twitter. Very message focused.

I suppose that any brand or company who is aware what is happening on blogs/online in terms of articles and content about them, will know who the influencers are that relate to their product or industry. Starbucks doesn't need a number next to my name to know exactly who I am. LOL.

On the other hand, the numbers may falsely slightly elevate or depress a person's future Klout?? I suppose people using hootsuite might think, wow "Valeria is a Celebrity, so I should be following her" even if they have no idea what kind of content her tweets have. She may gain followers based on that, which then elevates her Klout score in the future. ?? It just seems like having a score could affect the score. On the other hand, someone with a very low Klout score might find new followers deterred from him or her where otherwise would be followed. Just a thought. Not even sure it makes sense.

Sorry for many typos!

I like the idea and see that the measurement factors Klout describes to be very important,valuable indicators of good social media policy but Im seeing some pretty glaring discrepancies from some really high Klout scores coming from people who seem so banal, so self absorbed and so devoid of influence that i wonder whats going on. Theres a difference between a popularity contest and truly impactful,helpful influence. Kinda Like some twit like Kim Kardassian may have an audience to watch her vapid life but no-one is going to be remotely influenced or have their life improved or impacted by such a boob.
for me, Klout score seems more a measure of self centeredness than impact.
One more thing for the "look at me look at me" crowd to brag about that means zilch if I met them in my neighborhood.

Hey everyone, if you think this really means anything, check @dalailama's klout score

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