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@Joey - good observations. I find that the best way to bring traffic from LinkedIn to the blog is to help the community on LI answer a question, have a great conversation with take aways, and then communicate the results of the conversation with additional resources in a blog post. Just like I did for the question on outsourcing social media. For that conversation, I also used email to a very specific group of people, as you'll read in the post. The winning strategy tends to be through integration, seeing all the tools as part of a continuum, and organizing the experience that way.

@Mike - it has the potential to be a mini Facebook for businesses that are seeking to connect for recruiting, deeper research about people and companies, with a considerable knowledge base. You could even mine the questions and start mapping a series of holes in information, tools, or services you may be able to provide.

@Phil - yes, noise is to be avoided at all costs to have signal. That's why we're constantly seeking new filters, curators, and ways to channel information appropriately. Good thing we still have FriendFeed.

Hi Valeria -

Just to echo the concern about automatic importing of Twitter streams, it really can be problematic. When all tweets are shunted into LI, it dilutes the value of regular LI updates.

I just wish LI offered a way to hide either all tweets or selected users tweets (or be able to filter only tweets with the #LI hashtag). (Yes, kind of like FriendFeed's features ;)

Anyway, thanks for the post. Hopefully LI will give us more options to fine tune our intelligence gathering.


Earlier today I had a conversation with an industry leader who is seeing the Linkedin light again, after months of dissolution.

Linkedin is by far the cleanest social network, and for the most part the discussions are the most professional and thought provoking of the major networks. The power of Linkedin is manifold.

- Research
- Prospecting
- Online Resume
- Company profile
- Group discourse
- Events
- Q&A with Trusted Authorities

The list goes on and on. Valeria has outlined several remarkable ideas for making your Linkedin presence more powerful, and considerably more findable in this online universe.

Best Regards,

Mike Schleif

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