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I really love your list. I was recently having a conversation with someone about what an "entrepreneur" is and this person suggested to me that you can be an entrepreneur with a blog - Creating your own personal brand.

The item that resonates the most for on the list of 34, though, is creating an outlet. I absolutely know that I needed an outlet to say my thoughts about the brand that I have a relationship with ...I couldn't hijack someone else's blog!

One more thing, with consistently and regularly posting content, I think a person is building credibility on his or her niche subject.

Excellent list.
(my blog is

So true! Bookmarking this post - such great points.

@Tim - love it! And somehow, those spam comments are usually quite negative in tone; insult with injury ;-)

@Jay - I also find that building visibility for others and for important causes gives back tenfold in satisfaction.

@Krista - in many circles, there is still the sense that when someone publishes your work, that is more powerful. It seems to me that developing an audience feels like a daunting task, so borrowing someone else's procures less anxiety. Thank you for the vote of confidence and congratulations on your long standing as a publisher. It's quite an achievement.

@Srinivas - I've had the privilege of working with students for many years and I am still surprised at how few of them take me up on this recommendation. The ones who do, uncover untapped opportunities often by virtue of starting something productive and self-driven.

@Davina - it's a combination of things, some of which can act as catalysts or accelerators. Along the same lines with your thoughts on speaking one's mind and having fun, a blog can enhance your creativity by being a regular outlet for it.

@Robert - I like how John Hagel calls information moving through networks: the knowledge flow. We should ride the wave to pick up new tidbits, exchange views, etc. Conversation has that meaning to when we take it as an opportunity to get to a new place in understanding and connection, one where action is the next logical step.

@Brian - "no more speed limits" is a good line. You've come up with some of the freshest marketing language I've heard in the last couple of years. It saddens me to read those boilerplate sounding resumes filled with jargon. It means that we still pander to scanners and people stuck in the "good old times" or candidates just haven't developed enough confidence in themselves to craft and deliver a different approach. Once, a company where I applied for a job responded to me 8 months later. The form email started with "Company XYZ appreciates the interest you expressed for the position, Title, Job# and respects the patience you have shown in waiting for our acknowledgment and disposition of the referenced opportunity... blah, blah, blah". It speaks for itself, doesn't it?

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