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Great list, and love that you close with the fact that blogging is a compliment to doing.

I'll add: speak your mind, maybe get heard. It touches on 14, 27, 28, 30. Wonder why no one is talking about X, and they should be? Maybe you should.

Tim's #35 is spot on snarky humor, but mine is: have fun. Yes it's a chore sometimes editing yourself, linking and posting all the time.. but if you're not having a little fun with your blog, you'll probably not see any of these other benefits. FWIW.

I wish the administration at my B-school alma mater would actually read this and encourage students to read it. I started my blog after business school and had I been smart enough to get the ball rolling during bschool I wouldn't have lost an entire year to being unemployed after graduation.

Really great list! I am always surprised that more people and businesses who want to be perceived as innovators in their industry don't start a blog.

As you mentioned - it is a great way to share and develop your ideas, but also a powerful marketing tool to increase your visibility and show your commitment.

I started my blog years ago because I wanted to create an online presence that was stronger than my social network profiles (at the time my myspcae account ranked first!!). I now find that it is a powerful tool for building a reputation for yourself and connecting with new people.

I will definitely forward this post along. Thanks for this great list!

- Krista Neher
www.themarketess.com (my blog)

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