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@Valeria - I know you're into cars. I've seen you mention it from time to time. We all have passions of varying degrees.

Plus, you're Italian, so I suspect it's in your blood. Prancing horses, raging bulls, and Milano Biscione - are there emblems elsewhere reflecting more brand awareness and passion? I think not. A choice complement.

@Annie - serendipity works. And that was a juicy slice you picked, thank you for the link. Indeed, it was one of the few very clear distinctions between traditional and social. Well done!

@Brian - it was a very good interview. And you provided great input that was the basis of other posts, too. Did I ever tell you I love cars? Probably not in the same way you so down to the inner workings. I love a cool ride. What you describe I experienced with the Fast Company network we built in the early days. That's why it's been so disheartening to see the magazine neglect it and then reject it.

Comment on something I very deeply believe in - Take 13. (click)

The concept of connecting people around shared passions, elevating them to their rightful places as global citizens, and showing them how their stories are incredible has come to feel like it will be my life's work.

In the last ten months, I've seen this concept go from really neat idea to core, driving belief first hand. It's an all consuming desire to show others how they matter. These are people going about their daily lives when some random, near stranger comes to them and tells them the whole world wants - needs - to hear their stories. With this single, simple act, we empower people. I love this.

Looking back, I think part of the spark equation for me was when you asked me for an interview, Valeria. That feeling you get when someone you respect asks your opinion on something was so amazing, I had to share it with others.

Ten months later, I've got friends all over the world. I know two guys in Australia with the same rally car I'm trying to build. I'm going to paint mine yellow to match theirs. I'm going on a vacation to Germany in September and my wife and I have been invited to a Mitsubishi car meet by the local club chapter. There might even be a community leader from the UK catching a flight to Germany for the sole purpose of meeting us for lunch.

Through the simple act of bringing people together around those shared passions, building them up, and sharing their stories, we're finding that we have a renewed sense of optimism. We can make the wold a better place for our brothers and sisters. We are unstoppable.

My story is of no consequence, but if it must be shared, jot down that I'm in the business of connecting and empowering people.

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