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Valeria - interesting you have your doctorate in languages, I have my masters in Sociolinguistics/Language Planning and Policy

Most people don't do because they have been wired since they were kids not to because 'they don't know enough' or 'they aren't an expert'

I was one of these people. Thinking 'why am I in this field' when I was 22 and working for a soccer team. I had no real qualifications to be there, but I just did it because I wanted to and I knew I had to.

Why do we have 1000 blogs on our reader but fail to blog once a week? Seek solace in the fact you are 'learning' and once you learn enough then you'll start.

But you never do.

Ryan - NSCAA

@Beth - great point about remembering to check back in with assumptions while you're doing. The example drive it home nicely. Thank you.

@Eric - German was my minor. Good thing to know, although I forgot most of it for lack of practicing. I believe in lifelong learning and see us all on a continuum with the ability to both teach and learn as we progress.

@Brian - sometimes I have this nagging feeling that a little more thinking would be helpful. There is much goodness in slowing down. The slow food movement, being social, accepting serendipity, yielding to someone in traffic. Another way of looking at landscape would be to create context, facilitate, curate information and redefine conversation. Those are helpful, too ;-)

@Rich - policy from policing. Like many, I've experienced analysis paralysis at some point in organizations and it can be debilitating to business and energy depleting. In fact, I am reading another book that proves it. Review in the next few weeks.


Beautiful. One of the things I was considering today is how few people are willing to accept autonomy because they are paralyzed by accountability. Lately, if one person does one thing wrong (or a few), the only solution that seems to come out of it is another policy.

That's kind of crazy. The more policies, the more likely no one will do anything. My answer to the question is always to do. Not doing has the more predictable outcome, which is usually nothing or worse.


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