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Finding "For Immediate Release" in my inbox is a lot like finding two young men in white shirts, black ties, and name tags on my front porch. It's best to just pretend nobody's home, but I'm not above telling them to hit the bricks, either. I know what they're selling, I don't believe in it, and I am not interested. Amscray.

As a retired community moderator/admin, I believe that online communities should make *everyone* a moderator. When there are only a handful of moderators, an us-vs-them situation takes root. What happens when you give your community members the power to maintain and police the commons? They take ownership.

This is the power of trust. Instead of grooming people to be moderators, to keep the community in line and marching to the same, tired beat, let everyone choose their own instrument and play along. Groom *conductors* to lead everyone in harmony.

I'd go into social graphs too, but that point doesn't inspire me like the other two. Sounds like some sort of social media popularity contest metric to me.

Don't think I've ever used this saying in a comment here before, but lately I've been finding it deeply motivating. In the Mitsubishi/DSM community, dating back to 1989, the motto has always been "Go fast with class."

It applies to more than just old Mitsubishis...

I have concrete evidence that this is true. As a 40-ahem-something, I have spent years sending out traditional press releases to a "media list" to almost no avail. Then, several months ago, I casually sent a two line email directly to a relevant blogger/journalist I had been following, and my story ended up on CNN Headline News and NPR. I now wholeheartedly have thrown out all PR "rules" I learned in school (I was so hilariously attached to the ##), and am trying to convince my PR intern that all of the stuff she's just learned in school is out the window. Tough to hear, but true.

I should note that I am not a true PR practitioner, just a founder who has taken on the PR duties within our lean organization.

Thanks for the straight talk from a blogger's perspective. It must be frustrating to be bombarded with irrelevant stuff all the time.

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