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@Ed - as I said earlier in the thread in response to Charles from Direct TV, it would be interesting to track how the company's processes change to reflect learnings from social media interaction. This is an open invitation to all leaders for a deeper conversation.

@Teresa - having been on the inside, I know - and appreciate - the work and effort these professionals put into these accounts. Thank you for helping us think through the open issues that will no doubt continue to help close the gap between isolated cases and part of the process. Honestly, as I looked at Elliott site and list, I thought it was quite mainstream-ish - his readers would probably not know what to make of @ accounts :)

Hi Valeria,

It's so nice to see a post like this coming through the pipeline, giving credit where credit is due to the businesses making those steps to provide reliable customer service where it makes sense. To answer some of the questions you posed at the end of your post:

- Should all companies that have customer support issues be on Twitter? Nope. If your customers aren't there, you probably shouldn't be, either, at least not out the gate. Depending on investment costs and time, you can run a short trial CS program via Twitter and see if it attracts customers, but if you're not seeing response -- and only you can decide what a reasonable growth in response would be -- then it's not worth it.

- Does being on Twitter help the company anticipate support issues of customers outside the bounds of that platform? I'd say it's a decent sampling. Will you be able to anticipate everything? No. But each channel you actively participate in provides a feedback loop that directly contributes to your ability to anticipate certain service needs and issues.

- Should Twitter contacts go on the CS side wiki? And is the platform mainstream enough? Couldn't hurt to add contacts to the list, but I'm not sure the platform is popular enough to denote a need for contacts to be included at this point.

Wonderful post! And a quick thanks to Justin Goldsborough for the kind words -- so glad to hear our customer service efforts on Twitter are making a difference.



Teresa Basich
Community Manager, Radian6

Valeria: thanks so much for the recognition of @Ask_WellsFargo. We're working through all channels to do what's right for the customer every day. Our team is thrilled to get recognized for their efforts.

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