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I love your post and it appears to be quite timely. There is growing discussion about the lack of diversity in the technical community, from female representation in tech firms to women presenters at technical conferences. I recently wrote in Huffington Post about how technical vendors and brands are missing out when they target women via stereotype marketing--focusing on domestic roles women play and technology as fashion. Would love your thoughts on this.

@Geoff - I like differentiation in products that shows they have though about how I use them. Clothing retailers are an obvious example of that.

@Kat - good point about creative directors being mostly males. I'm not sure I think like other women though. Often, I have less in common with soccer moms, for example, than I do with male consultants or car lovers. And I have laser focus on exactly what I want to buy, so I go in and come out. I don't enjoy shopping malls, or hunting for a bargain (takes time away from productive work ;)

@Rosemary - love cars, too. Growing up in the land of Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and Ducati's, I do have an affinity for engines. Context can influence us more than gender.

Yes the ad world often gets it wrong when they try to play to gender. I noticed the commercials for the new, macho-looking Camaro are fully tailored to men, which might be intuitive....however, at my last movie club night, we all ended up talking about how we were lusting after that car. Sometimes the right thing is to just present the defining characteristics of the product/service, and let the consumer worry about whether it's right for them or not.

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