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@Tim - busy with a purpose is very different than busy-body, and you are feeling that difference. Indeed, when you have passion on your side, it puts you in the meaning creation bucket, for yourself, and, when you're lucky, with your clients. I continue to enjoy your thinking out loud at the blog, and sharing it. I would not have found in my circles, had you not linked to one of my posts a while back.

@Sarah - consistently. I started much earlier. I believe I was 6 when I had my first talk. Had to step on a box to reach the mike. It was a school reunion I was at with y mom, and they were talking about my textbook. So I thought that hearing the opinion of a student would be helpful. Had the best teacher in my mother ;) Nice to have your feedback. Because I get such thoughtful comments, I tend to remember each person who stops by here. In your case, I remember you from Third Tribes and your amazing work. Keep inspiring us, boss.

@Mary Ann - our red carpet is always ready to welcome you here. I should probably have added that sometimes doing the work may not get you noticed quickly. However, you get noticed whenever you're ready to expand your thinking and use your influence to help others. When that is genuine, it's the most powerful form of recognition -- because you end up not needing any.

@Alexandra - I wrote other posts about preparing ahead of a conference, if you're so inclined. Since TypePad has pretty poor SEO, here's the link to one from a couple of years back: 5 tips to maximize event attendance - have fun, meet people!

Very thoughtful advice Valeria, thank you. I am particularly grateful for the link to 21 things I can do at a conference because I will be attending my very first conference this month (Third Tuesday Measurement Matters) and I am rather nervous about it. I will be sure to come with a good attitude, engage with my neighbours, document what I’ve learned to share with my team and chat with the organizers. Hope you had a nice and productive labour day.

Valeria, thanks for a very inspirational post on Labor Day. It lays out two incredibly important concepts: 1) doing the work is the only legitimate path to success and 2) relationships cannot be taken for granted. Both principals require a daily commitment. So, as I treat Labor Day as "back to school", I am glad to have read your post and get into the right mindset!

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