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Hi Valeria, yes I noticed. Like with all it's about the balance, the truth is never on one side. And it's also the chicken and egg story when it comes to brands, branding & conversations.
One of my most used slides in the presentations I do is a typo I made once: "lose control vs. loose control"

[PS: good news for you > do check e.g. Amano, Patric and Mast Brothers chocolate. As an 'expert' in chocolate (I'm from Belgium BTW) these are wonderful chocolate makers in the US]

Viral is about taking what's relevant about your brand to humans and making it easy to spread.

If the brand isn't relevant, that's gonna be very hard. Fix the experience.

@Evert-Jan - dark chocolate is a favorite. The European brands though. In the U.S. chocolate is either too bitter, or too sweet. When you enter a conversation, you do with your point of view, or curiosity. Otherwise, you are merely listening without experiencing. Notice that I pointed out how brand-driven is helpful. It's the control and manipulation people resent.

@Brian - you know ore about branding than most marketers, I can tell you that. Metaphors work, as do stories -- and we will talk about that in our chat tomorrow. I don;t see differences as needing to be overcome, just accepted. I do wonder about the regular boredom at work. It is a matter of control, of who controls the work that needs to get doe and how they define its narrow confines? why is it not possible to tell a different story at work? To create awesome and what's next?

@Jen - what is social for? Good question, as always.

@Umberto - I should start a club for Italians in the world. We are so many! Good to meet you here, and thank you for the link. I'll take a look.

@Patrick - I was in tech, as you know, and I get where your colleagues are coming from. And sales is such a high stress job, dealing with rejection on a consistent basis, biding your time, following up, and all that. I wonder what would happen if our models weren't the current economic markets.

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