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I am a Conversation Agent convert/evangelist; truly. Few things seem more important than connecting people and ideas, in fact, my little Gearbox project is trying to do just that.

Daniel Pink said (paraphrased):
A picture is worth 1,000 words, but a metaphor is worth 1,000 pictures.

IMHO, the best brands, then, are metaphors. All the work I've done to introduce Mitsubishi owners to each other across the globe (brand-centered, methinks?) has been done in the hopes that our similarities will help us overcome our differences, while showing everyone we are, indeed, part of a collaborative, global community.

I'm not trying to start a fire. I'm trying to get flint, steel, and tinder to come together and find that spark together. If we do this right, Gearbox will become a metaphor - all the moving parts of the global community coming together to harness energy and convert it to forward motion. Hopefully, people will see the logo or hear the name and have their minds filled with stories of people coming together from all over the world to help each other live better lives and that they're proud to be a part of that (wink) or want to be.

And that makes me feel unstoppable. POW.

We now return to our regularly scheduled boredom at work.

I enjoyed this post, it frames pretty good what's in my mind for a while.
I'm running a project called Choqoa (it's about my chocolate obessions) and it does all of the above. It's my cluetrain playground as a marketeer to test all this, and to launch a business through social patterns and those other buzz words. And hey really? It works great so far.

However, after years of being into 'social', I've started to grab the importance of brand centric thinking. All these social experiences linked to brands only work if... the brand has a clear culture around it. At least, that's what my experience and gut feeling tell me.
It goes beyond the visual identity, sure. Still if I had to choose for putting the money in social, I would only do so if the brand knows what is it is by itself.
In the end, it's the only way to create relevance.


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