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@Sara - I used to edit a medical results publication in 3 languages and I am keenly aware of the challenges of fitting Italian or French into the same page that fit English :) The problem, as you point out, is that often people have a hard time investing in good translation services, which means crisp copy writing in the end. Thank you for the resources. Much appreciated.

@AJ - maybe you just write in both languages so seamlessly that the thought doesn't occur to you ;)

@Brian - German is a really good example. It was my minor in university, and I can read it and understand some, even after years of neglect. Fluency is a whole other conversation though. I have heard that Rosetta Stone is a superb product. A former colleague learned Cantonese when he adopted a little girl from China.

@Gabriele - how do you like that? And she was such a lovely older lady.

@Anne Marie - not to mention slang and regional/local terms. Investment is a good term and can be a hard lesson. Think how much has been lost in the markets for the last two years that could have been invested on people.

As the global nature of public relations expands, content has to be global and be understood by many different people. It is so important to understand the cultural diversity of regions. While Beligians and Dutch can understand each other there are nuances that often cause misunderstanding or at least a few smiles. It all comes down to the person not a program. The skills of the people are what make the difference in bridging the gaps. Making the investment in people capital is well worth it.

"she used the Italian word "preservativi" to translate preservatives. Thankfully, the audience was game for a good chuckle (as will Italian readers of this blog)"

You have my chuckle

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