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Please also take a look at the American Translators Association's client-education resources:

Translation: Getting it Right

Translation: Standards for Buying a Non-Commodity

Both are available on the ATA homepage (bottom left).

I've dabbled in translation issues in the past year. Gearbox Magazine has run just one bi-lingual interview thus far. It would not have been possible, were it not for the generous assistance of a good Twitter friend.

Earlier this month, my wife and I found ourselves in Germany and spending a day with Mitsubishi enthusiasts in Stuttgart. It was an incredible day and I would like to share the stories of our new friends, but I feel I would do them a disservice if I were to have their German stories translated into English. These stories must run bi-lingually, imo.

I will likely end up paying for translation services, as this is going to be too much text to ask a friend to handle on our behalf, so I'll be looking for inexpensive, without too much risk of lost in translation issues.

Moving forward, I know I need to dedicate myself to a schedule with my Rosetta Stone software (every bit as brilliant as they suggest, by the way) so that I, myself, can become competent in conversation, reading, and writing auf Deutsch. I feel I owe them that much.

Timely topic, Valeria. Looking forward to more on the subject (and I'll be checking out some of these links today for sure)!

Great post, Valeria, I can honestly say that I've never even considered language translation for my content, which is said because I'm a native Spanish speaker. Thanks for the tips. :)

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