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Late Thursday afternoon I heard a contractor say that he just likes to build things and couldn't see the connection between social media and the online world and his ability to build buildings. Saw it as a complete waste of time vs. communication tool.

Others were simply overwhelmed by the concept of SM and uncomfortable with dipping our toe in. But there were many signs of people starting to get the a-ha. Our IT director, has overcome his fear of apps like Tweetdeck poking holes in the firewall - and knows it's something he simply needs to monitor and manage as it's not going away.

@Eric - wasting your time is part of what happens when there is no strategy. God of you to break down processes in bite sized chunks, to make it fell less overwhelming. I do wonder though when we start thinking that acting human was so scary? I picked my image well, then ;)

@Grout - love the animal analogies. And you're right, the term is flawed. The principles are not.

@Rosemary - networking is a time suck if you're just out there handing out business cards. When the cards are an after thought, when the exchange comes naturally after establishing a mutual interest, things are indeed very different.

@Brian - and I do hope we see the attempts at social media propaganda as well. The tools give us greater opportunity than was has been tapped so far, why limit applications to what we think we know? Good example on speaking in a room. I do know of examples when that has happened and executives have been whisked out of sight to have PR people handle the rest. The point is that it's no different online, except for now, everyone in the room is having their own conversation with their networks the minute they see you unwilling to have one with them.

I think the larger issue is that of organizations - brands - being more than just mouthpieces for marketing propaganda. The proliferation of digital conversation on the web today requires that brands be more than just clever slogans and pretty faces - the brand needs to be it's own entity, just like it would be on paper to the banks, investors, and legal system.

"New"/digital/social media = conversation.

That's it. I wonder how many of these purportedly well-educated and uber-skilled executive types would view an opportunity to speak to a room full of potential customers with such fearful apprehension or pompous dismissal?

What if someone in the audience stands up and calls fraud? What if a member of the press asks an embarrassing question? What if? I would hope that individuals tasked with running a company or managing a brand would be competent/confident speaking face-to-face with people about their organization - why is it so different online?

It isn't. At least, I don't see it that way. :shrug

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