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@Roger - I confess that I'm totally in awe of your observation. I love the ideas on the Facebook "like" button transformation. You lost me a little when you talked about math. Are you proposing we apply an algorithm to the "votes" stories get for accuracy, etc.?

@Gabriele - indeed, everyone has an agenda and for news media it seems to be staying alive these days. They say history was written by the winners, lots of truth to that, too. Could the problem be solved or improved with facts and data available in a common source/repository?

Information over load gives way to moving information forward without checking its validity ... is it right ... no, but it is what happens.

Reliability of information sources is a very common problem in all sort of media.
I can provide the example of Italy where information is amplified by major press agencies most of the time without any sort of confirmation or assurance of its truth, leading to very embarrassing situations.
On a minor note, as well, I can't remember two newspapers or news programs agreeing on a single piece of information, for example ages of people involved, jobs, even course of events, etc.
So yeah, the problem is much more generalized and hard to overcome.

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