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As an engineer with degrees in Electrical Engineering that had focus in control systems (aka, "feedback loops") it's always nice to see another example of my philosophy that everything interesting in life can be explained using control theory concepts.

The solution to this problem of driving the system of information flow on the internet to a desired state of precision and accuracy is a class of control systems problems that is well understood.

The FB "like" button is the first, rudimentary, cross-internet example of what in control theory we call "state-space feedback".

The first step to designing controllable systems that can be driven dynamically to an desired level of accuracy is accurate observation of the states of the system.

As the "like" button evolves into a richer "How accurate is this?" button that allows people to rate the accuracy of information we'll quickly be able to see what information is accurate and automatically make that more visible and also see which information is inaccurate and drive the visibility of that false information down into the noise.

Math is cool and there are uses of math for mining the internet information ocean that have yet to be tried. When we get around to using these techniques it will make our society a better and more stable place to live. We're almost there.


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