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I very much enjoyed reading this post Valeria. Point 1 – accept what people tell you at face value - brought me back to my university years when I was a journalism student. I had a teacher who ran us through a drill that I will never forget: Ask “why” to a statement as many times as you can to reveal the deepest truth. The drill lasted three hours, but I’ll never forget the final answer “…because my mother made me.” Other than that, I couldn’t agree more to your answer to point 9 - “productivity rules.” For me, finding reasons why I should care and why others should care about what I do is the key to my best work.

Valeria, I just spent the better part of the last hour catching up with your blog and then linked over to Chris's site. What an awesome and inspiring read!

I'm one who, for the most part, has played by the rules my entire life. While I understand intellectually that the rule-breakers are the trend-setters and creators of wealth and prosperity, keeping within the lines of society's (and my family's, and my parent's) expectations seems just to be hard-wired into my DNA. I need to be more conscious of what "rules" I'm unthinkingly and unconsciously following, and consider how best to add value in the years ahead.

Ciao, e tanti auguri,


Funny, just last night I told my first-grader that we would work on "challenge words" every week with homework - even though the rule is that you only do challenge words if you pass Monday's spelling pretest.

Now, he's a good reader, and he catches on quickly, and I think the best way for him to learn spelling rules is to practice them (like me, he gets caught up in story while we read). Also, I want him to learn that it's good to go beyond the rules for learning's sake.

For myself, well, I've never been a good conformist. I've tried, and it never quite works out, because for every rule there are 100 more unspoken ones behind it. Those are the ones I never intuited, quite possibly because they make no logical sense.

I'm still carving out a niche -- those who would have you conform are threatened by lack of conformity -- but confident I can make it work... thanks in large part to cool folks like you and Chris. :)

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