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@Valeria - I agree, what you just said reminded me of something from high school, I am sure you'll like it: "There are two forms of friction, kinetic and static. If you try to slide two objects past each other, a small amount of force will result in no motion. The force of friction is greater than the applied force. This is static friction. If you apply a little more force, the object "breaks free" and slides, although you still need to apply force to keep the object sliding. This is kinetic friction. You do not need to apply quite as much force to keep the object sliding as you needed to originally break free of static friction."

@Gabriele - the secret is to start somewhere, and worry about editing or correcting course once in motion, when it's easier.

@AJ - we are better at it on the days when we feel optimistic. Being aware of it is already a good step in the right direction.

Great great post, Valeria!! You are absolutely right. Many times, its our perspective, a small shift that keeps us from the exact spot where we should be.

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